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in Accumoli

with breeding and direct sale of beef and pork, family-run and really organic.
by reservation, in an informal and homemade context. Each dish is carefully prepared and each ingredient comes directly from the farm.


Pitches available for tents, with hot water and electricity; mobile homes for your stays. Possibility of half board.

From Easter to November.


Immersed in the greenery and the coolness between the Monti della Laga and Monti Sibillini and located at a level of over 1000 m asl, here is our stable.

Here you can find suckler cows and calves, heifers and bullocks, as the entire growth path of our animals takes place there.

But ours is not just a farm, it is a big family. We as our children have grown up with these animals, and they are used to us.  They know and respect us as we know and respect them.

And it is in full respect of ethics that we are pleased and proud to offer products of excellent quality and a refined and genuine taste.

Our company has existed practically forever, with its intentions and good behavior, but it is since the 80s that it has turned towards certified organic and the production of meat with retail sale. It extends for 80Ha in two locations, the main part is located in Accumoli (RI), here we find the mountain pastures, the stable, the sales point, the workshops, the remittances. The other part, second in number but not in importance, is located in Monsampolo (AP), and it is there that we produce the fodder and grains to feed our animals in the winter months.

The bulk of the work is done by Guido and Katia, who run the business, helped and supported by the rest of the family.

The tasks to be performed are diverse and varied, and vary from season to season. Starting from the production of fodder and grains, (with preparation of the land, manure, sowing, irrigation, work in the field, crops ...), to the management of the stable (the animals must be "groomed" and kept clean, as well as cared for and followed ), to the sale of the meat (from the slaughtering, cooling and aging of the half carcasses, to the display of the different cuts and the final preparation and packaging of the packs, finally ready for sale as a finished product).

As well as the small farmhouse, with the preparation of all the ingredients on the farm, from the wheat to the sandwich, from the cow up the mountain pastures to the steak, from the heaps of the synergistic garden to fresh summer salads ... with the preparation of jams with berries wild to the collection of chicory and mushrooms ...

Opportunity to stay in our camping site both in mobile homes and with tents in large and comfortable equipped pitches.

We are directly on the Path Sentiero Italia, Cammino delle terre mutate e Cammino naturale dei Parchi.

Extremely close to the epicenter of the recent earthquakes that are shaking our earth, but still active and forward-looking as never before.

WELCOME VOLONTEERS also from wwoofing, helpx and workaway.
-We speak English-
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