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The beef we produce is from adult cattle which were semi wild bred in the heights of our mountains most of the year. When it gets cold they come back to the stable where are harbored and fed with organic fodders directly produced in the farm. We care very much about their well-being first of all. The meat we get is genuine and delicious even for the most demanding palates.


Directly in our butchery are available family deals of 5 kg of meat (in vacuumed bags of 1 kg each). The package consists of 5 kg of beef distributed as follows:


1 kg of steaks

1 kg of slices

1 kg of roasbeef

2kg of boiled or stew or mince meat.


From animals born and bred directly in our farm in their shelter and in the close bushes and trees. The pork is usually available only in winter as then is when we season prosciutti, salami, guanciali… without chemicals added thanks to the natural cold and the salt that makes our products delicious and traditional.

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I nostri stagionati sono preparati con sola aggiunta di sale, pepe e a volte qualche altra aromatica o spezia, ma sono naturalmente senza glutine e senza lattosio. Restano a maturare in cantina come si faceva una volta e si prendono tutto il tempo necessario per diventare ottimi alleati di panini o soffritti!

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